The Crew.....Professional Merchandising Team@SASR

Who we are...

Because of our reputation many people claim to be part of the crew. In reality there are only 4 original core members, 1 new added member and our liaison. Here in short order are the members of the Original Crew
Julia: Journeyman Crew Second and  for the crew. She is the first stop if you want to get in contact with anyone. She is found on linkedin, and the crew is on twitter for immediate contact.
Jimmy: Journeyman: Crew lead and reset Team lead.
Margo: Journeyman: Crew second; and POG/MOD/Schematic Master
Ken: Our moniker founder and Project Liaison 
Christi and Tracy: Our Schedulers at SASR!

Vicki Journeyman: Crew and Detail - when available
Don: Crew and Forklift operator - when available

 Meet Our Schedulers @ SASR

These two top women are our schedulers. They have been our schedulers since we began.
Christie: Palmer or 8657650070
Tracy Strickland 9197415651
These two ladies are the best at scheduling and getting us to you We can’t rank these two high enough on how we feel about them. Contact Christie first to discuss your crew and team needs, even if you have never done business with SASR before, you will be happy with her ability to help you get the best they have.
Need to get a hold of us quick you can try
Margo at 423 237 1589 
Julia at 865 360 2147
Jimmy at 865 765 2934

What we Do!

Departmental Resets
Product merchandising as field reps
New Store sets
Old store tear downs
Store retrofit
New product cut ins
Sampling events
Greeting cards
Video games and Electronics
 Home improvement Stores: all departments
HBA and RX
Pet supplies of all kinds
Display, gondola and rack Construction
Intercept interviews
POP placement blitz
Reconfiguring POGS
And the list goes on.