The Crew.....Professional Merchandising Team@SASR

The Crew-  The History

UPDATE: All Original Crew members are recognized Journeymen!

The Crew Merchandising team at SASR

"The Crew" began in Lowes during early summer of 2010. As a team they worked together doing departmental heavy resets and got things done efficiently, completly and professionally, to the surprise of many team leads. Since no one had worked with them before doing this particular work.

As the  summer heavy reset season  continued, they gained a reputation of getting in and getting the job done. So much so, that team leads began asking for them by individual name.  Many  project and team leads wanted and still want them for their  own companies..

At the same time, a new  project lead was starting with heavy resets. After working the team a few times, they were now the crew of choice for him. Always calling the home office requesting, wanting, asking and figuring out a way to get them work with him. As conversations went on with scheduling companies, that project lead so christened them " The Crew".

The name has stuck through their scheduling company.  Team and Project   leads can ask for" The Crew" specifically and their schedulers can book with ease.

Within the originating company, and now the merchandising industry their reputation precedes them. Thanks to continued hard work,work ethics and a moniker that is memorable, companies, team leads and individual merchandisers throughout the industry now know about the " The Crew".

Their idea is simple, they will get in,  and  get the job done, period.
They also have the reputation for being able to fix and complete what others have erred on. All with conversation, laughter, positive attitude and great integrity.

Accumulative they have over 60 years of merchandising, retail and service experience.

All of "The Crew" are professional experienced merchandisers, period 

Do you want us?

Do you want us? Do you need a reliable crew, or are you looking for new merchandising company to contract with? If you are interested in getting in touch with us and securing our services you can contact us direct at our cell phones or email.  Or if  you are in need of dependable service  and you have no merchandising company to do your work you can go through SASR  just contact
Christi Palmer
Tracy Strickland
Heather McCool
Or for faster information contact either Erik or Dave the upper management at 866 867 5571


Here is a list of companies that we have and frequently work with
SASR- Home of the Crew
Mass Connections
Resource Plus

We Travel, We are there when you need us

.We will be  where you want us.
 Are you looking for crews of two or more  to travel?
 If you have a work that needs to get done, and get done right we are there. We know no bounds in the lower 48 and will get to Alaska if possible. So anywhere is open for us.
Not many people are willing to travel everywhere, but we are.
Contact us  or Christi to get the details and how to get us through SASR or contact us direct for your direct needs.